CCC Hymn 233: Celestial Church The World(aiye) Exists or A Space(aye) Exists?

There has been a very deep argument on the four line of the hymnal but looking at it analytically it seems to be the world exists

A. Celestial Church girdle your loin

To girdle one’s loin is to be alert and prepared for spiritual warfare and attack
And also in preparation to receive the holy spirit (Hymn 232)

B. The Divine Light has now appeared

To lead us so we do not fall into darkness, thus we are given the holy spirit as a light unto our paths.
Darkness is an attribute of worldliness.
Christ is that light and has given us the holy spirit to lead us aright and alight in the world.

C. Celestial Church, the world exists

Celestial is the opposite of the world.
There is Celestial and there is terrestrial and the terrestrial is the world.

This can’t be ascribing a space.
The line brings us to an awareness that 1 Corinthians 15: 40 says
There are celestial bodies and also terrestrial bodies

The holy spirit is an element of the celestial, which is sang, “He who possesses his spirit shall behold his glory”

D. The Holy Dove shall descend now

E. Your Dwelling is at the right hand

Obviously the world(aye) is not at the right hand.
The right hand of the father exists a dwelling place, a space prepared for us by Christ

Conclusion ; The above line would be ideally Celestial Church, The World exists

By Tola Adele

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