CCC Parishes without Standard Youth Group/Fellowship Is Timed To Fade Away

The Sunday School section constitutes the children/youths in the church with a vision of enhancing quality growth spiritually, mentally, socially and physically through interactive and educative programs that exposes them to spiritual and moral values in the church and society and developing leadership skills among them by creating responsibilities for them to handle.

Parishes having positive insight would be more concern about the growth of the church youths encouraging them to attend and participate in Sunday school activities without limiting them to Annual Juvenile harvest of the church.

God is set to recruit fire brands as Jerubbaals in CCC… Many elders without vision are only sensitive to dissolve the plan when observed except for the elders without bad records & examples. Never wonder why most elders antagonize good provisions for the children/youths.

Reasons elders don’t make provisions for youths in CCC could be,

1) The fear of exposing their loopholes in the knowledge of the truth true the church youths.

2) Their selfish interest and self-centredness.

3) Pride in result of their old age without any iota of humility and discovering the Yoruba adage that says “Owo omode o to pepe, t’agba o wo keregbe”

4) Some are enemies of the church as they’ve discovered the youths as the pillar of the church.

5) Youths with God’s input won’t compromise to corruption and and are expected to react as Jerubbaals.

6) For many elders, the structure and building is the only purpose without building the occupants/members.

7) Short-term vision elders isn’t set to promote a long-term vision (they are like snake that passes without traces)

A church without a standard youth group is only considered to last for a while due to lack of solid foundation and strength, (I don’t need to open widows from the Bible for you to know that).

Elders without the above listed reasons have good plans and strive to develop the youths without limitations.

#CCC isn’t a church only for the aged ones
#I stand for the truth in CCC
#Jerubbaal Ola Ibukun

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