Church Welfarism For Youths

It’s obvious our youths are securing their future in all ramifications except for the youths without sense of vision. Vision is popularly known as the ability to see and think about the future (where to be) with wisdom.

What would make a youth invest his or her time in an organization where the future isn’t guaranteed?
This is a call for church shepherds, elders and youths leaders to maximize the time to secure a brighter future for the church youths.
An organization where the welfare of the youths is paramount to the leaders would have all ideas it takes to make adequate provision for the youths both spiritually, mentally and financially. Church leaders and coordinators demand tithes and offerings from the members but have no impact in their financial lives except for the few leaders with eagle eyes who see beyond the offering boxes and the financial lives of the members.

*Empty Faith without the Provision of Skills Acquisition for Youths*
The importance of skills acquisition can never be over-emphasized especially in this 21st century where ideas and creativity are needed to excel.
Organizing youths for skills acquisition is a sign of not limiting God to “Faith without Work” as many who expect the miracle of Elijah with birds providing food to occur after every Wednesday morning service (Mercy Service). It is important we see the youths not only in the perspective of “Lazy” but also see many youths seeking opportunities to be financially empowered for financial freedom.

The difference between a church group with poor members especially youths in financial dilemma and not financially responsible with a church group succeeding financially is nothing less than “Mentality” which ought to be the source of ideas. No youth group whose foundation is based on brotherly love should limit a fellowship to praying and fasting with sermons but make more impacts by exploring ideas and information, organizing skills acquisition to empower youths.
It is the responsibility of leaders to put together resources needed for mental development for investment in youths.

Leadership with positive impact is a leadership with the sense of inspiration. Leadership with the sense of inspiration has no limitation in lives and limitation is not looking beyond the church pulpit.

If church members won’t share their skills and knowledge with others, what then is brotherly love in Christianity?

If leaders don’t sow in the financial lives of the members, why should they reap?

What more than praying and fasting can we do alone at home should organizations like the church were we have financial capable/sponsors hands offer the members?

Practically, how do we manage to counsel the church youths on “Taking Financial Responsibility” without frustrating them for their inability to produce?

What provision do we have for orphans and idle youths in the church?

What do we enjoy as youths in our groups today in preparing for the future for financial responsibilities?

We hope church leaders and youth coordinators would help the youths maximize their time for a sustainable future.

Let youth coordinators organize skills acquisition as paramount to the youths and provide a beautiful face that has a long lasting relationship and what to look upon in the nearest future.

We shouldn’t organize only monthly or yearly programs but life programs.

#Jerubbal Ola Ibukun Samuel
#I Stand For The Truth In CCC

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