The Purpose and Reason of Juvenile Harvest

Annually every first sunday in the month of June, the celebration for the juvenile harvest commences, preparations would have commenced with activities and festivities in the air to celebrate the children.

But we have failed to understand for so many years what the juvenile harvest is about and why it is celebrated in the first place.

The Juvenile Harvest entails the coming of Christ and God’s kingdom revealing our harvest, our yield, our productivity, to it.

Christ said the children should come to him because he is coming back, the 2nd time and at that point, both children and adult will stand before the judgement seat.

Juvenile Harvest encircles ;

The family—— an organ that trains and leads children to God
The parents——are primarily assigned to lead their children to God
The teachers—–are spiritually assigned to teach, train and lead children to God
The child——-the yields for kingdom harvest
The church—– any church that fails to led children to God and protect them from satanic traps and darkness has failed woefully in its purpose
All this are voyagers of the kingdom of God

The main purpose of the juvenile harvest is soul winning, winning children for christ.

Are we winning children for Christ? Is Satan not gaining over us with his strategies of luring children away from God

Satan causes wreck by separating families, destroying homes, luring children, springing up divorce, causing confusion in the church

We often celebrate the children but overlook, and evaluate how this following bodies have done so far in the kingdom work.

Juvenile Harvest is not all about the children but a view of kingdom yield pertaining to children.

The question is how many children and youths, teenagers have we won and produced for Jesus and the kingdom of God?

Juvenile Harvest is a revelation of our work towards the kingdom of God.

Matthew 19: 14

But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

The amount of children that we have directed, trained, lead to Christ and knowledge of the kingdom is the harvest of the juvenile.

Everything that is done and celebrated on that day must be symbolic to a yield to the kingdom of heaven.

How many children know Christ and have been led to Christ?
How many families are leading Christ life?
How are the parents doing in bringing their children to Christ, teaching and training them in God’s way?
How are teachers doing in their call?
Can the church look at its young ones and say they are all for Christ?

Many children that grew up in the church, of godly parents have become drunkards, smokers and irresponsible joining the kingdom of Satan.
This is a big lose to the church and the kingdom of God.

All this bodies must be viligant because Satan is planning, strategizing, retying his loins, looking to devour families, children, separate parents, destroy homes.

The juvenile harvest is a celebration but it is also a wake up call to us all that Satan has no holiday in his pursuit of luring children to his kingdom and darkness.

By Brother Myk Tola Jnr Adele.

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