The Significance of Kindling The Light

Kindle the Light

A. Light has a powerful and revelational effect.
It reveals all what is hidden, makes darkness disappear and makes the truth to be known.

The light convicts us of our sins and makes them exposed that we might repent and be saved

But to kindle it is deep, it means to reveal

Light + Truth = Revelation

That moment when the seven candles are being lited, something happens

The light affects your heart, and exposes or reveals your condition and nature as sinful(all secret and hidden sins)
The truth of our nature is that we are sinners, plunged into darkness and must receive light that we may be saved

Hymn 774 stanza 2

Jesus – King of shining light
Kindle thy light in our hearts
Thou art King and Redeemer,
O hear us Jehovah

Yah Rah Sarah is a deep encounter with the everlasting shining light

When you come in contact with the light, you have come in contact with Jesus Christ

Acts 9 verse 3

As he was approaching Damascus on this mission, a light from heaven suddenly shone around him.

Hymn 2
Yah Rah Sarah, Yah Rah Samahtah, Yah Rah Sarah, Yah Rah Samahtah, Kindle the light Divine from Heaven above, Kindle the light, Divine from Heaven Above.

Paul encountered the everlasting shining light called Jesus Christ that he might be converted, changed, and convicted of his former sinful ways

B. Hymn 408

JESUS, Jesus, Jesus the King full of light
I give my heart to thee, come into my heart
Holy Spirit, descend now. Amen.

When the light enters your heart or is kindled in your heart, the holy spirit descends and comes upon you

C. Hymn 10

Christ is the everlasting light
Kindle thy light in our midst
that we be free from all sins. Amen.

The light kindled in us frees us from sins when it enters our heart

Light grants freedom from sin(darkness)
The light penetrates and enters the heart exposing all dark spots of sin in it.

When the light enters one heart, it is like a bulb inside a glass.
The glass is our heart, but the bulb comes into our heart to make it shine.

By Tola Adele

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